About Us

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Hi my name is Leslie!

Welcome to my store!


My son and I picked up the word 'Curious" from watching British Movies, Shows and Cartoons. They use it in place of how we use the word "interesting"  

Example: "Thats a curious little cuff your wearing"

I have always been crafty..I was the kid who lived for Art class and took it all thru high school. Its something I HAVE to do in order to feel balanced and over the years I have tried many variations of Art. In 2006 I started making jewelry and fell in love with what I could create and sell to others to make happy! 

In 2007 I had the greatest miracle and blessing happen to me with the birth of my son at age 41! I continued to make jewelry until life became too demanding ( and too many little toddler fingers helping) so I had to eventually put my jewelry making on hold. Until recently I felt the creative spirit in me stirring again..I started looking for something different to do. I looked  at what I liked and my personal jewelry ..and I realized I love natural products and texture..And leather has an awesome texture, I love how it feels on..in fact I had kept 2 leather cuffs from childhood with my name on them ( you know the kind) and the ideas started coming and I was alive again!

So that is how The Curious Cuff was born..They are handmade, each unique and one of a kind. I search for old, new and vintage leather belts to upcyle into the cuffs. I never know what I will find..the adventure is the most exciting part!

I put anything that I can rivet or stitch onto a Leather Cuff... If its a quote on metal, each letter was handstamped painstakingly one at a time by me! I emboss, paint, distress..whatever comes to mind at the time. And so therefore each one is unique and one of a kind!

If you do see something in the Gallery Portfolio that you can't live without, please contact me..it won't be "exact" but I can probably do something "close"