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FearlessNESS -laced leather


The Swallow is the perfect symbol of FearlessNess! Laced together is the Softest Tan Leather and a touch of Black at the end..the stitching is a cool accent and symbolizes life's wounds along the way. All of my Cuffs start from reclaimed Genuine Leather Belts that I search out... Some are perfect just the way they are..with a time worn patina/distress or I emboss the design onto it- If it has color- then I have painted each one with leather paint..each color is unique and custom mixed by me. If it has metal ..it is hand stamped each letter and design one painstaking stamp at a time! Some Cuffs are similar..but no 2 are exactly alike! A button post will be used.... This allows the size to be adjusted for a perfect fit- especially good if giving as a gift. Multiple holes allow you to simply unscrew the post and move it to the one that fits best!